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Choose Air Source Heat Pumps to Warm and Cool Your Property in Southampton

Experience significant savings on your running costs with the installation of air source heat pumps. A much more economical alternative to standard electrical heating systems, heat pump installations are capable of heating water and radiators or acting as a cooling system. At Comfort Zone Southern, in Southampton, we supply and install air source heat pumps, while we also carry out servicing and repairs. This includes emergency repairs and maintenance, which are also available for domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

A Cooling and Heating Solution

By heating water and radiators in the winter and providing a cooling effect in the summer, air source heat pumps are the perfect all-round solution. Working in a similar way to air conditioning units, the heat pumps can be installed by our team of experts. They are made of a split system, which consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that exchange heat between each other.

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